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BAS Remaps and IIDTool

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Hello Everyone

As requested, here's a little resume of a less known functionality of the IIDTool.

All IIDTool versions (regular, BT and Pro) are now capable of delivering (flashing) products designed and sold by the good people of BAS Remaps (Bell Auto Services). This includes Engine tuning, EGR Patching, Speed limiter raising and more (depending on the vehicle). The IIDTool provides a safe and secure transport method for items purchased at BAS Remaps while reducing the overall cost (no additional hardware to purchase). For more information, please visit BAS Remaps website at http://bellautoservices.co.uk/ or contact Pete Bell at techATbas2.co.uk. Mainly for Diesel equipped vehicles, they may venture into Petrol territory in time.

When a personalized file corresponding to your specific requirements is made available for your IIDTool by BAS Remaps, a custom IIDTool firmware will be visible in the updater software. The tool is updated the same way as with any firmware (beta, release, special). For the Pro units, the new file is simply added to the tool by the updater without a firmware change. Once ready, a simple ECU re-flash is performed in your vehicle and you're done!

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