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Bad running engine

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Hi there,

4.6 HSE 1999 with bosch motronic with engine problem.
Faultmate ODB P0172 and P0175 say both cilinder banks lean mixture.
Also misfire at specially at nr 7, have change HT lead and plugs, no result.
Engine hesitates during acceleration.
I guess the misfire is a result of the lean mixture.
On petrol less misfire then at LPG.
It's not every day very bad, cold weather and cold engine is worse.
Something to do with an airleak after MAF sensor? , broken inlet manifold ?



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Both those DTC's point towards bad HO2 sensors. Change both of them and then reset the adaptions.

A pair of genuine part sensors are around £100. Don't be tempted to take short cuts with lesser brands here either, especially anything cheap from EuroCarParts...!
Does faultmate offer some sort of fixed/expected data to show if the sensor is working? When you bring up live data on T4, the software tends to highlight any data it feels to be out of range in some way. Does faultmate do the same?
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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