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Bad running engine

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Hi there,

4.6 HSE 1999 with bosch motronic with engine problem.
Faultmate ODB P0172 and P0175 say both cilinder banks lean mixture.
Also misfire at specially at nr 7, have change HT lead and plugs, no result.
Engine hesitates during acceleration.
I guess the misfire is a result of the lean mixture.
On petrol less misfire then at LPG.
It's not every day very bad, cold weather and cold engine is worse.
Something to do with an airleak after MAF sensor? , broken inlet manifold ?



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Hi all,

The MAF readings looks OK.
The engine runs very smooth at idle if hot, cold it will run unstable.
22-23 at idle and approx 65 -68 @ 2500 rpm, I don't have checked at 3000 rpm.
The problem starts during acceleration between 1500 up to 2200 rpm, if I shift back to 3th or even 2th gear and the engine runs at 2500/2800 rpm it runs OK.
At the highway with 120 kmh and 2800 rpm it also runs OK.
The problem is (with sequential and multipoint LPG) also there at petrol, but less worse then on LPG.
I have drive the car several times with the faultmate with laptop aside but I can't find any mutation in the faultmate readings.

I have ordered new HT leads from Magnecor (the red one's) but I think this is not the solution.
Ally V8, I will try your magnificent solution with duct tape! see what happens.
Thanks guys for your time and help.

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1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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