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Bad Air Strut - Funny Noise from Front End

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hey guys as i posted earlier my front passenger side air strut is bad, im going to order a replacement this week and have it fixed, meanwhile the mechanic at the dealership said it would do no harm that i was driving on it w/ suspension inactive and the front side down on the bump stops so i drove it and have beeen taking it easy on it, i have noticed that when going up a hill or anything where that side has to pull it will make a stange noise like something is slipping on that side where the strut is bad, i thought it was traction control so i turned off the DSC and it still did it..is this the traction control kicking in? it makes a strange noise like somethiing is slipping on that side...thanks.
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offing DSC will not turn off TC. It works w/ TC (& ABS, & suspension, and transmission, and probably a bunch of other things) and in no way is solely a TC control switch. With all due respect to your mechanic, i personally wouldn't drive my vehicle down on its stops, especially just one side. Just think of the off set balance and how it would affect your ride. You are totally screwing up the ride dynamic, and although maybe no lasting damage may result, it can't be fun putting your vehicle through that, unless you absolutely have no alternative. I'm surprised noise is the only thing your hearing. Just my $.02
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