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Back in an L322 and it feels so right it can't be wrong

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I haven't had a RR for 13 years, but just bought a well loved 2006 RR HSE L322 with 102k miles in NYC. Bought from a wholesaler who bought at auction, she was a California car meticulously maintained at the dealer, yet serviced elsewhere for the past 5 years. Prepared to save $200 per month for maintenance, and paid for a pre-purchase inspection at an independent specialist. Due to the inspection, just got her set up with new lower control arms, sway bars, front brake pads & rotors, a new right front hub bearing, and full service with wheel alignment, oil change, coolant change, new air filter, cabin a/c filter, and a full detail. Picking her up with the title on Friday.

The lower part of the left side mirror housing is missing, the right side mirror wont go up and down, backup camera not working, and the bottom tailgate wont open, but all that can be relatively easily fixed according to my research. Fingers crossed. But all essential systems are extremely solid, and aesthetically she's a beauty.

Let the adventure begin!

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