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I am in a similar situation....still loving my '14 Dynamic but with 86k on the clock, I know I am nearing the end rather than the beginning. My car has been rock solid - no major issues and I still smile every time I drive it. I have had over 15 vehicles over my driving lifetime and this is the FIRST one I will replace with the same brand/ model. LR has definitely hooked me. Like you, I am envious of the Velar tech and am glad to see much of it make the updated RR Sport (Velar is a bit too small for me)!

I will likely be ordering a '19 early next year just before I cross the 100k mark ! On your choices...#2 seems like the Goldilocks choice! While I like and can appreciate the SVR, I bought a car that specializes in the "sports" department so I am good foregoing the slight upgrade in power/ handling. BUT - I could not do without the SC V8 power/ sound so I will very likely end up with another Dynamic - just like the one I have (only Silicon Silver vs my White).

Good luck with the decision- glad to know I am not the only one....
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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