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The newest Advanced Rim Technology (A.R.T) combines monoblock cast wheel technology with a spin forming technology
to drastically improve the material property and strength of our wheels.

The A.R.T process impacts the micro structure of aluminum by utilizing three hydraulic rollers to apply pressure to form the inner rim area.
The rollers move down the barrel applying pressure to compress, stretch, and form the entire wheel barrel producing optimal weight savings while improving material strength.
This process actually alters the grain of the aluminum to produce a wheel barrel that is significantly lighter with enhanced strength comparable to fully forged wheels.
A.R.T helps reduce the weight up to 25% when compared to a standard cast wheel through this finer and more even aluminum structure.
M610 weights for 19” sizes start at 21 lbs/wheel while weights for 20” sizes start at 22 lbs/wheel.

Wheel & Tire Packages available with brands such as
Nitto, Michelin, Pirelli, Continental, Mickey Thompson, Hankook..
Touchless Mounting & Road Force Balancing Complimentary!

For pricing, availability and fitment please contact us below:

1-800-814-8423 x108
Forum Department
[email protected]

We also offer wheel & tire packages, just ask us :)

Please PM or Contact Jake for pricing, packages or fitment questions!

Ph: 800-814-8423 x104
Email: [email protected]
1 - 20 of 104 Posts
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