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Hi all

Thought I might as well put up a post detailing installation of my DCDC battery charger and auxiliary battery.

Part 1 is the battery tray fabrication and installation which is here:

so this is part 2 of the project.

As with part 1, this is not intended to be a step-by-step "how-to" guide - it's a "how-I-did-it" which I hope some might find useful.

I selected a Redarc
BCDC1240D charger and a good capacity 120AH AGM battery, which I had already made the tray to suit.

Notations on my photos but briefly:
- 100A cable from the main battery. There's a spare M8 thread on the +ve battery connector which made hooking in simple.
- to 60A inline fuse.
- back to 100A cable to join the charger input wire.
- Charger output wire to 60A inline fuse then I used the same 100A cable again from that to the aux. battery.
- All connections crimped (using my new hydraulic crimper which I love!) and soldered before heatshrinking to insulate.
- The charger needs an ignition trigger to tell is when to start charging due to the variable voltage alternator. I found a suitable unused fuse position in the fuse box behind the RHS cargo area panel.
- I'm running 2 aux. power circuits in the boot using 25A cable. Each circuit has a 15A auto-reset circuit breaker.
- The merit sockets are mounted in the little cubby-hole in the RHS cargo trim panel. The power & earth cables are plugged via 30A Anderson plugs so I can unplug if I need to remove the trim panel.
- The Redarc charger has a wire which provides a charging signal to an LED so I ran this to the console bin between the front seats & connected an LED switch. The LED lights when the charger is charging.
- I used a switch as I intended to fit a voltmeter as well, so I could push the switch to display the aux. battery voltage. I haven't done this as I can't find a small enough digital voltmeter that looks OK. The smallest I've found are panel mount displays which light up well but are 'raw' without any form of case.
- I also ran a third circuit to the front of the car intending to use that for the voltmeter measurement and I'm toying with the idea of a dashcam which I could power permanently from the aux. battery.



10. 2016-L494-SDV6-HSE-Charger.jpg
11. 2016-L494-SDV6-HSE-Charger-mounted.jpg
12. 2016-L494-SDV6-HSE-Earth.jpg
13. 2016-L494-SDV6-HSE-Charger-mounted.jpg
14. 2016-L494-SDV6-HSE-Ignition-trigger.jpg
15. 2016-L494-SDV6-HSE-Sockets.jpg
16. 2016-L494-SDV6-HSE-Charge light.jpg
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