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AUX Static, Parking Sensors and Subwoofer rumble

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I hope this is the right place for my first post.
So, my 2009 Range Rover TDV8 (first facelift) has quite a lot of static if I use the AUX-Input.
So, my questions are:
1) How to fix this?
2) If it's a fuse, which one could it be?

On to the second point, the parking sensors. They beep like crazy or just beep continuous.
Again, what could this be caused by?

Now my last concern. The subwoofer rumbles a lot (just with a few songs). My old 2005 Td6 also had the same problem. I just cant figure out where it comes from.

It'd be nice if someone has solutions to my problems.

Thanks, Jan!
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AUX input is not going to be a fuse. It's more likely filth. Use a bit of alcohol on an electronics cleaning swab and wipe out your input jack.

Have a look at your sensors wiring. a damaged harness can make a mess of all sorts of signals

Either turn the base down or go through all your trim panels in the and find out what is loose.
Agreed - bad connection on the auxiliary input connector.

My subwoofer made a terrible noise - I removed the panel and found all of the mounting bolts to be loose and re-tightened them. Also check for nearby rattles in the side panels and tailgate with a particularly strong base track (or frequency generator app from your phone). I also had a loose fastener inside my upper tailgate trim - go that sorted too.

Once you've eliminated all of the exterior rattles, if the subwoofer still sounds bad you'll need a new speaker.

One more thought - if the subwoofer is bad and you have parking sensor problems, check for signs of water damage in both sides of the rear compartments and tire well.

Hope it helps.
I was able to fix the AUX-Static and Rumble. The parking sensors aren't done yet.
Thanks very much!
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