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@Ham Hands my main or starter battery as some call it was also 8 years old. I replaced it with a Mercedes AGM battery. It was exaxct same size & rating. I did this because I get it at cost since I work at MB dealer & it will be easy to warranty if need be. I used my GAP tool to complete the confirmation of battery exchange. All good afterwards.
Solid post and I appreciate it. I'll try and source the same one today from the part number you referenced in earlier post...

On another note I have both front and rear pairs of OEM packaged/numbered Sway-Bar bushings I need to install along with blowing out the brass fitting exhaust coupling on the air compressor. I'd rather perform all at the same time rather than multiple times on my back getting all sore and greasy. Mads, I recall that to get to the front sway bar bushing driver's side I need an off-set box wrench... Can you tell me what offset and metric size to buy before I go about this?

ETA: Sorry for the slight derail OP... But this is info all of us can benefit from so I figure why start a new thread...
21 - 23 of 23 Posts