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asking opinions painting grill

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hello all,
i've got a p38 in chawton white. it's obviously several years old. the grill needs painting and the black needs forever blacking. do i go with reblacking everything that's black or do i paint the grill chawton white (with stock green emblem remaining...or even with black and white badge) and forever black everything else? strictly looking for opinions. anyone have a photo of a p38 with grill painted body-color? i've seen it on a few classics and it looked nice. saw someone with that done on the highway the other day on a 4.6 and i'm not going to lie, it looked very nicely (professionally) done. no other eye candy...just a mint p38 with body-colored grill. nothing wrong with re-stocking the stock either though. everything else on my truck is stock including hurricane 18's and would remain that way. thoughts?
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Just Go with the chrome strips. Simple yet effective..
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Tim (Scotland) said:
I think the chrome strips look tacky.
Can we see a front 3/4 picture of your Rover please Dutch.
Look Tim, I'm just trying to give dutch some options. And, I got the tacky strips from ebay. Your mother never taught you? "If you cant say nothing nice........."
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