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Arnott has become an industry leader in air suspension replacement products by trying to offer high quality, cost-effective, solutions. For the 1st couple of years we don't make anything for a new car since it is covered under warranty - but we do start buying, and inspecting, cores looking for common failure points. After vehicles start coming out of warranty we start remanufacturing used O.E. Cores. We test them but we don't know how many actual miles are on the internal damper. Remanufactured struts typically require a core deposit.

After a few years, if we can, we start engineering an Arnott designed new strut. They provide the luxury and comfort of air springs along with support for auto leveling.
We design the new shocks with an all new custom valved damper to provide as close to OE ride quality as possible. We think the Arnott designed new struts are an excellent alternative for aging air suspension systems because they provide the comfort and auto leveling of air springs along with a brand new shock (damper) which should provide many years and miles of smooth riding. Arnott's new struts do not require a core deposit and for struts that still have a remanufactured option - we may even buy your core.

We stand behind all of our new and remanufactured air struts (as well as our air springs, compressors and coil conversion kits) by offering a Limited Lifetime Warranty in North America and a 2 Year Limited Warranty elsewhere (The main limitation is "for as long as you own the vehicle"). Arnott parts also have a 30-day money back guarantee if you don't like the ride.

Currently Arnott Remanufactures Land Rover struts including:

2006-2012 L322 Range Rover w/o VDS (includes completely rebuilt air spring top; OE Damper)
2010-2012 L322 Range Rover w/VDS (includes completely rebuilt air spring top; OE Damper)
2013-2018 L405 Range Rover (includes completely rebuilt air spring top and recharged & rebuilt OE Damper)
2014-2018 L494 Range Rover Sport w/CVD. (includes completely rebuilt air spring top and recharged & rebuilt OE Damper)
2014-2018 L494 Range Rover Sport w/o CVD. (includes completely rebuilt air spring top and recharged & rebuilt OE Damper)

Arnott No Longer Remanufactures:

2006-2013 L320 OE struts Stopped around 2013 but offers an Arnott designed new strut
2003-2005 L322 Stopped around 2018...but we still carry replacement Air Springs and 100% New Arnott designed struts

We typically stop remanufacturing used cores when it becomes difficult to find OE struts that were are in good enough condition to rebuild.

Click for the latest list of Arnott Products and Supported Land Rover Applications: https://www.arnottindustries.com/products/land-rover-air-suspension

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I just installed one of your front-right air springs on my 2012 a couple weeks ago and I do like it so far.
I was impressed with everything from the instructions, the packaging and the assembly and parts (seals, bump stop) and press-fit of the air tube.
I do not have an impact driver, so I had to be creative to get the nut that secures the shock to the air spring loose & tightened.

My front-left will need to be replaced before long, but I think this time I'll buy your whole air strut, since they're no longer a rebuilt shock on a new air spring.
Thank you for producing a good replacement at a good price, here in the U.S.
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