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are the headlamp guards illegal in nj?

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do any members happen to know if the front lamp guards (the ones that were oem available that match the drilled rear ones that are black bars) are legal in nj? i have the back ones that were paired with the wrap around bar and sorta dig the way the front ones look as well. i didn't dig the wrap around component of the brush bar b/c one of my wings was slightly bent. so i ripped them off and the a-frame remains. if i come upon the flat rubbery black parts that bolt into the a frame to finish it i'll pick them up. frankly i just don't care b/c you have to be practically standing on the car to notice they're not there. i simply filled the holes in the a-frame with black rubber plugs the same diameter as the openings.
back to the guards...i usually take them off when i go to get the car inspected and put them right back on. don't want to get the front ones and get pulled over constantly. :hand: cops could care less about the rear ones.
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got in touch with a buddy who works for motor vehicle inspection. god that's come in handy in the past. like the time i forgot every single pice of paperwork i needed on the kitchen table and still sailed through. anyhow i asked him and he reports they are not illegal but you have to take them off for inspection. in case anyone on the board cared. they probably didn't... :cry:
Dunno, here in Colorado they don't have inspections. As long as you pay your registration and pass a smog test, you're golden.

And we can pump our own gas :lol:
i was stationed in oklahoma and used to enjoy that no inspection deal out there thoroughly. when you live in the people's republic of nj the epa basically controls every single facet of our pathetic legislature and bueracracy. it's harder to pass inspection here than it is to become an airline pilot.
don't knock the not pumping your own gas...that's the only way we can guarantee the losers in our state get jobs after high school! :mrgreen: honestly all the places let you pump your own, eppecially if they're busy. it's just another stupid law out here. love that welfare state!
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