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Caliper covers are a hot modification trend and probably the simplest way to customize your brake calipers without putting a strain on your budget. But contrary to a popular belief, caliper covers are much more than just a piece of colorful plastic or aluminum designed to dress up your brakes. They are also a functional brake system upgrade that allows for reducing dust, redirecting heat, and keeping your Range Rover cleaner. Here are some facts about caliper cover design, construction, and functions that will help you decide whether they are worth purchasing or they are not.

Types of caliper covers
While most high-quality caliper covers today are manufactured from aerospace aluminum, you may also find some other materials, including hard plastic and stainless steel.
1. Plastic caliper covers
This is the most affordable type of cover but also the lowest-quality one. Plastic covers are lightweight and cheap to produce and paint, yet they are not able to withstand high temperatures, which makes them unsuitable for high-performance applications.
2. Aluminum caliper covers
Lightweight and durable, aluminum is the perfect material for manufacturing your caliper cover. It doesn’t rust or get deformed over time and can handle high temperatures.
3. Stainless steel caliper covers
A bit more expensive than aluminum caliper covers, their stainless steel counterparts provide all their benefits with the added strength and durability of steel.
Are caliper covers easy to install?
The short answer is yes, they are! Most caliper covers are designed for a specific make and model and can be mounted in less than no time with slot-style clips or stud-type clips. Both require removing your wheels for easy access to your calipers.
Are caliper covers safe?
High-quality aluminum or stainless steel covers are not only safe but also can help your brakes run cooler. Thanks to the excellent heat conductivity of metals, aluminum and stainless steel caliper covers can dissipate heat from the brakes, increasing the efficiency of the braking. As for plastic caliper covers, you should not consider them something more than just a nice-looking piece of plastic.
How to choose high-quality caliper covers?
1. Stick to a reliable brand
The name or logo of a famous brand on your caliper covers is a guarantee of high-quality and long-lasting performance you can count on.
2. Avoid purchasing plastic covers
Unless you’re on a budget, go with aluminum or stainless steel caliper covers to rest assured your new covers will not melt or deform due to the impact of high temperatures.
3. Stick to a reliable store
Visit Truck and Gear to find a vast selection of Range Rover caliper covers by popular brands at fair and competitive prices. Ask for advice and assistance if necessary, so our sales guys can guide you through the shopping process.

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A very good idea for the person that is not too mechanically minded...they can purchase these items and have them fitted to enhance their calliper's...good one Truck & Gear 🤘 🤘
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