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2019 RRS HSE Td6
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Originally, I was going to return this and get a refund but apparently I missed my return window at the time ("15-day Return" window is BS).

I could not get it to work with my 2019 RRS HSE. I think I was doing something wrong when I first tried it but I am positive I could make it work if I give it another try. I am going a different route for the Apple Carplay.

Asking $100 shipped within US Continental or $95 + shipping outside of US Continental. Why pay full price and wait a few weeks for them to ship it across the pond when you can buy it for cheaper and have it in a couple days.

Happy to answer any questions. Here are the pictures:

Product Sleeve Font Material property Communication Device

Data transfer cable Communication Device Gadget Font Audio equipment

Wood Table Audio equipment Font Gadget

Wood Font Hardwood Handwriting Wood stain
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