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Re: Anything to check before crossing 50K? Goodbye Warranty...

Carolina Cutter said:
500 miles till I'm on my own!
Ha, I have 9400 miles until I 'leave the nest'. I get a kick out of all of us who are, or will be very soon, warranty free. It is a big step to own one of these without a warranty, but I cannot justify a $4k bet that so much will go wrong. I like my odds a little better before placing a wager. Anyways, this milestone is coming up for me and I'm using the time now to get a real feel for the truck. Touch wood - but I don't think an extended warranty is going to be necessary. Mechanically the thing's been solid as a rock, with only a few minor issues.

I would however, put together a 'personal' checklist of the specific things you want LR to go over (condition of exhaust, ball joint and tie rod inspection, air bags, etc, etc). If you don't tell them specifically, they may not look at it. Basically pay them 1 hour of labor to do a full, no B.S. inspection right before 50k. If stuff doesn't need repair, then perhaps they can make recommendations on what might need repair in the near future - cross check with a trusted indy mechanic if you wish.
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