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Anyone using Vredestein Tyres

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Anyone running Vredestein Wintrac 4 Xtreme tyres?
With Winter coming could do with some New Tyres, currently have Continental Cross Contact UHP's and they are absolute Crap in the Snow and Ice, as they are basicaly a Summer Tyre. The Vredestein's have some good reviews in the Mk111 forum but can't find any reference here and was just Wondering if anybody is Running them on a P38 and if they are any good.
Main issue I guess would be how they wear in the dry really as they are primarily a Winter Tyre, but at £150.00 each for a 275/45/20 Tyre seems like a Good Price.

Any experience of this Make/Style of Tyre Good or Bad would be appreciated.

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Rich998a said:
There'll be no snow this year.... :hand:
:lol: Global warming hitting your area a little harder?
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