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Anyone ever try an OME front spring in rear ex751 or779

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Anyone done a coil spring conversion with the ome front springs in the rear
for less of a lift? Like 751's or 779's?
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Nope, if you have a P38a go with Arnott Gen III air springs and some extended shocks.. Bilsteins, Koni, OME etc. Learn a bit about EAS... it is not so difficult and the upside is much better handling on and off-road.

If you want to go "backwards" to coil springs, get a Disco, Defender or Rangie Classic.

Sorry, a P38a with coil springs is just wrong...

Cheers, Paul.
Thanks for the advice, Just trying to make mine as reliable as possible. As my wife takes it in the winter out to the farm. 25 miles to nearest town -20F with her and our
two kids with no cell phone service. My eas works fine right now but im planning on ditching it when the bags start to leak.
Understood Hammerma... best insurance with EAS is to keep an EAS Buddy from RSW Solutions in the glove/cubby box. If the EAS goes in to fault mode (rarely if good air springs and compressor) then plug it in and clear the fault. I'd prefer to have my wife and kids riding in an EAS-enabled Rangie than a coil-sprung version... too many stories of coil-sprung versions not handling properly. If you've got the "best 4x4 by far" why cripple it with a coil sprung suspension?

Even if the EAS completely fails and the Rangie deflates to bump stops, it is still quite driveable but not comfortable. Easy fix when you get it home.

Cheers, Paul.
My setup is OME 751 Heavy-Duty springs in the front and 762 Heavy-Duty in the rear along with ProComp ES9000 shocks. I also made some spring retainers out of 1/4" flat steel bar - this setup absolutely eats up harsh trails and has pretty decent road manners too. Feel free to PM me if you want more details.
old man emu coils 764 in front. 781 in the rear. this is definitly not "less" of a lift. check my sig line for more info
possibly 751's for front and 767's for rear's think it would be between normal and offroad height.
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