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any p38 ever have the auto headlight on/off feature?

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Has any of the model years had an auto headlight on/off feature? i'm tired of leaving my headlights on and didnt know if there was a feature to either activate them every time the car ran, etc.

I was hoping something like an 01 or 02 had the option and I could just swap a part, but I wasn't sure.
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Do the US Spec RR's not have an alarm if you leave the lights on?
It is a programming option in the BeCM so yes you do need access to Diagnostics.

As for getting desensitized to bleeps and messages - bad idea.
Yes they are annoying but you ignore them at your peril - and get a flat battery.

Truth is the car has the protection in that it tells you the lights are on - how much do you want it to do?
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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