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any p38 ever have the auto headlight on/off feature?

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Has any of the model years had an auto headlight on/off feature? i'm tired of leaving my headlights on and didnt know if there was a feature to either activate them every time the car ran, etc.

I was hoping something like an 01 or 02 had the option and I could just swap a part, but I wasn't sure.
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erh... how hard can it be?! install/reprogram tha car to have DRL (Daytime running lights) Mine has DRl and it works just fine - at night I simply turn the switch and voila! Still lowbeam - but now I can turn on highbeam as well AND and the small switches and interior lights in the dash etc comes on... When I park the car - the car kindly tells me if I should forget to turn to lights of with a sound alarm and a written message in the dash.

It's really very simple and certeainly not rocket science!

Thank God that we don't have to have help for everything!!! We are supposed to be the most intelligent living creature on the planet - so please don't make the odds any harder!!!
"We are supposed to be the most intelligent living creature on the planet - so please don't make the odds any harder!!!"

that was meant for the auto industy! The more automatic stuff that are put into cars - the more lazy we carowners become - and forgetfull as well (you mentioned that was a proplem for you) I'm not trying to offend you - simply saying that we have to remember, that cars already today are (in my opinion) far to complicated - everything is electronic!!! no more good old simple mechanics....

So please don't take it personally - it's just that I'm so tired af this way of thinking - why can't the car, house, coffemachine do this for me?"

Here in Europe - in the name of environment - new cars can no longer have DRL front and rear - OH NO... cost to much fuel, they say.... so only DRL in the front now... and then they install an automatic device to turn on the lights... just in case it gets too dark - hey... leave it as it was - and we're safer in the long run - and will probably cost the safe/ have the same environmental effect....

and all the blips and bongs?! one for leaving the key in the ignition, another for leaving the lights on, a third one for a blown bulb and the alarm sounds if you try lo lock it with a door open.... that's about it.... - and yes you're right - far too many in my opinion as well!!!

I drove a Chrysler some time ago - it had different sounds for the seatbelts - so if a passsenger did not engage it - the driver could rear and see in the dash who it was... DOOOH!!!

Please don't feel offended- that was not my intention at all - on the contrary! I was only trying to give everybody a wakeup call - my self included!
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