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any p38 ever have the auto headlight on/off feature?

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Has any of the model years had an auto headlight on/off feature? i'm tired of leaving my headlights on and didnt know if there was a feature to either activate them every time the car ran, etc.

I was hoping something like an 01 or 02 had the option and I could just swap a part, but I wasn't sure.
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Ferdinand said:
erh... how hard can it be?! install/reprogram tha car to have DRL (Daytime running lights) Mine has DRl and it works just fine -
I'm sure this feature has to be turned On or Off via the BECM, so unless you have access to a Rovacomlite, T4 or similar it will involve a trip to a Independant or a Stealer.

May well be wrong.

waveydavey said:
As for getting desensitized to bleeps and messages - bad idea.
As far as the Buzzer is concerned as it's only fitted in the Speedo Head, I simply cut the the two wires and fitted a on/off switch to it. Now I can switch it on and off as I please, especially when i'm doing something which involves the buzzer keep telling me the **** keys are still in the ignition or something like that.
A warning that you have forgot to turn it back on is that you cannot hear the indicators "ticking" when you signal, not that many people indicate these days well not in the UK anyway.

1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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