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any p38 ever have the auto headlight on/off feature?

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Has any of the model years had an auto headlight on/off feature? i'm tired of leaving my headlights on and didnt know if there was a feature to either activate them every time the car ran, etc.

I was hoping something like an 01 or 02 had the option and I could just swap a part, but I wasn't sure.
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Nope. Closest you can get is to have the day time running lights set for side and dips. With this setting the park lights come on with the ignition. When you move out of park the dips then come on. The only flaw is that you won't have dash lights unless you use the headlamp switch.
waveydavey said:
Do the US Spec RR's not have an alarm if you leave the lights on?
They sure do uless someone unplugs the speaker.
afox04 said:
im confused. so can my low beams come on automatically when i turn the truck on?
If you have your daytime running lights set that way they would.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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