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any p38 ever have the auto headlight on/off feature?

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Has any of the model years had an auto headlight on/off feature? i'm tired of leaving my headlights on and didnt know if there was a feature to either activate them every time the car ran, etc.

I was hoping something like an 01 or 02 had the option and I could just swap a part, but I wasn't sure.
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im confused. so can my low beams come on automatically when i turn the truck on?
Alright i'll sit down with the book and reprogram that feature in. but, at night you're saying no matter what i wont have inside lights, which means i'll need to turn them on anyway. how could they think of a rear windshield wiper that turns on at startup as a courtesy when the front wiper turns on, yet forget to have a feature that allows our headlights to turn on and off automatically. Nevermind, I forgot for a moment who engineered these buggers.
Awww no need to bust my chops, I'm just asking if the later years had the option. We all know we can turn the lights on and off. The issue is a) I'm forgetful, b)I'm not the most intelligent creature in the planet as you suggest, and c)everyone who's owned a rover becomes desensitized to those beeps when you turn off the truck as there's often an issue.

its just another insurance policy to make sure that as I get out of my car while yapping on my phone i don't drain the battery.

Thanks to the others who acfually want to help answer forum questions rather than bust balls. It wasn't a question of laziness :wink:
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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