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Any cheap trailer wiring that I can install?

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Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for the trailer wiring and hundreds more for install, any easy install DIY write-ups and cheap kits?
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There are a few write ups on this forum (Search)

Also many on the web to include on the main site http://www.rangerovers.net/outfitting/towing/index.html
Where are you located?
What kind of wiring do you need?
I run a 7 pin rv style plug on mine, as it matches the car trailer I have . I ran the wiring for the brake controller along the left side and behind the sub enclosure, then down and out.

There is a premade point that you can plug into for the basic stuff; I think its behind the RH taillight.

Where are you? if in the UK try Towsure
im in Chicago
When I needed to tow a trailer, my local U-Haul tapped into the wiring to the connector and spliced in a 4-wire connector that seems to be what all U-Haul trailers use, so I now have both connectors.
I bought the $5.00 plug from Walmart and used some connectors to tap into the factory harness near the right tail light. Works great, dash even tells me I have a trailer hooked up. Very rarely I will get a dash message that I have a burned out light when I am towing, but it goes away and usually doesn't come back for many tows.

are you guys talking about this? What $5 walmart thing?

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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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