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Anti Vibration / Damper weights clunking

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The weights are grounding out when I go over bumps, is there an adjustment to stiffen them or a shock absorber I may be missing? How can I correct this.

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Grounding out? They are not electrical. They are hunks of metal mounted front and back. They are there to reduce resonance. They counteract resonate frequency vibrations coming off the frame of the truck. Most have a safety cable in case they come free. There are no adjustment nor are there any dampeners. There is nothing to correct.
They should have rubber centers that the pivot bolts go through to dampen them. They may be loose or you may have changed out exhaust tips and now they are hitting. I say remove the 50+ lbs. I saw no difference in ride quality or any adverse affects when I removed mine.
I didn't give a thought to the centre rotting out. I guess if the rubber has perished they would bang around. I can't recall anyone posting about that, just the "what are they" posts over the years. :lol:
When I say grounding out I meant bottoming out, meaning the resistance is gone so when I hit a bump they make loud clunking noises. I'll inspect the rubber bushings, I suspect that would be the issue.

Sounds to me like your sway bar bushings are shot and nothing to do with the weights.
This was also the issue with my 2010 rrs, new sway bar bushes solved the knocking noise over bumps

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