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"Anti-lockout" pre-trip battery disconnect recommendations...

So coincidentally after that thread came about regarding the inability to un-lock or enter the vehicle after a flat battery condition, I noticed MY battery (admittedly now a 4 year old off brand unit) only lasts about a day and a half before the truck gets hard to start or won't start at all. After I jump-start it when that happens, it is fine again until it sits too long. I'm leaving town for several days and I was thinking I would just disconnect the negative battery terminal while I was gone, however I've now seen a few threads talking about "waiting" for the Nav computer and such to shut down before doing this, so I have a couple of questions...

First, will I need to reset any systems after doing this? I don't have any all-comms software and the truck is for sale anyway so I probably won't be getting it. On any other car it doesn't seem to be an issue, but if there's anything I need to know it would be good to know it before I disconnect the battery.

Second, do I need to leave it unlocked, wait a half hour or so then come back and open the hood and do the disconnect or what? I know that various actions "wake up" systems... i.e. pressing the unlock button, or opening a door. So I'm thinking I should leave the car unlocked (so the alarm doesn't go crazy) and leave the hood cracked open then come back in 30 minutes or so and disconnect. Is this correct?

Finally, if the air suspension happens to drop (due to any potential leak or whatever) while the battery is disconnected, will the system fill the bladders back up and restore to normal upon receiving battery power again, or would that trigger an AIR SUSPENSION INACTIVE message when power comes back?

I suppose another option is to remove the FSR and Nav computer fuses in case that's the battery draw (and it isn't just the old battery) but I'm not even sure if the FSR has an independent fuse.

Thanks in advance for any insight.
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