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Another TPMS question

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Do any of you electronic whizzes know if there's a way to get real time TPMS data to show up on some screen somewhere? I'd happily spend ~$75 to buy some device like this that works off our existing sensors...or is there a hack through the OBD2 plug that can be done?

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I often wondered if the signal transmitted by the TPMS sensors is somehow rerouted to the on-board diagnostics menu on the touchscreen in addition to being sent to the TPMS module. I highly doubt it (TPMS and infotainment system are on different networks and probably don't "talk" to each other, plus the shop manual makes no mention of anything like that in the TPMS troubleshooting and diagnostics section), but I don't have TPMS in my car so I can't check for sure. If you remember how to access the Diags Menu off the touchscreen with the 753 code, perhaps you can see if anything TPMS-related pops up under the Vehicle Signals submenu? I know that the tire sensors fire wireless coded data to the TPMS module, including sensor identification, air pressure, air temperature and acceleration data, every few seconds. So, in theory it should be possible to capture this data and decode it somehow.
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Thanks! I'll try farting around with the 753 menu--I can't remember how to access it but I'll run a search on old posts. I'm going away for a bit, but when I get back I'm gonna try calling Orange and see if that receiver works with the LR OEM sensors. I see they sell compatible sensors for Ford vehicles and many others. Thinking about it some more, for $159 with 4 sensors, it may not be a bad deal if the sensors can communicate with the LR system.

Would be a cool iPhone app.
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