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I purchased my first ever RR last night, 3.0 TD6 vougue and im in love with it.

I has the Sat nav and DSP. CD Changer is in the glove box.

I want to add my ipod classic to the system some how. I have searched the forum but there are masses of info and im getting lost and confused.

I have a dice ipod device in my bmw 525d, this did away with the cd changer and i ran the ipod wire into the arm rest.

Can i use this dice in my RR?

Where would i look to plug it in? at the changer in glove box or in the boot somewhere to do with DSP?.

Will it work with my set up? how do i know if i have BM54 or different?

a basic check by check giude would help me. im not overly great on the techno stuff.

Thanks in advance and sorry for another ipod post. dont shoot me.

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