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Hi everyone, got some starting issues and looking for some advice.

It's a strange fault as the car will sometimes start but I can't see any logic in it. I recently drove over 100 miles, stopped and wouldn't restart after about 10 mins. left another 10 mins and it started.

Today I tried to start it from cold, no go on first few attempts the suddenly it started.

Symptoms when not starting are like a flat battery, a lot of clicking in the engine bay but no cranking, also sometimes I get a lot of clicking near the ignition switch even when the key is just in position 2.

I've tried 2 batteries both are good when tested on a load tester, and are fully charged. Even straight off the charger car sometimes wont crank but does start a while later. Battery is showing around 12.5 volts, but when the engine is started this stays around the same, I would have expected the alternator to push it to around 14.5?

Anyone have any ideas please?
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