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Dear friends

first of all happy new year and wish you all the best in your life.

I have a strange problem and if someone can help it will be great.

So I have Range Rover Vogue 2006 HSE. I have bought angel eyes and have installed myself. The strange thing is that I have connected them to the side lamps in Head Lights, so as soon as even side lamps are on angel eyes are on also, but the problem is that when lights are on and angel eyes are on front parking sensors are not functioning. parking control beeps continuously without stop until I turn off parking control.

Can some one advice what to do? maybe the mistake is connecting angel eyes to side lamps, but how front parking sensors an side laps are connected to each other I can not imagine. If this is the main problem then can you advice where I should connect eyes?


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there should be no relation to the parking sensor and the lights the only thing can be if u have touched any other wirres during install

if i were you i would start by checking the fault codes in the parking aid system or if you do not have access to a testbook you can simply unplug the angel eyes and see if the problem goes away

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That easily points to an incorrect install. Time to trace your parking sensor circuit ans see where you have spliced into it or what is shared.
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