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And the infamous Range Rover gremlins have started...

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Wife was driving our 2007 RR S/C when the "brake" and "park" lights illuminate on the IC. According to her, truck felt completely normal but she pulled over anyway and reset/released the parking brake with no change. She then cycled the ignition and the lights went out, and never came back.

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maybe you rig knows you haven't changed your siggy pic to hers yet. Range Rovers are quite tempermental about such things. :mrgreen:
when all else fails - turn it off and on again. This has been know to cure many gremlins. Hope you feel better now :thumb:

Could be your brake fluid is low. There's a sensor in fluid tank and if fluid is near minimum level it uncovers the sensor when cornering or braking. When you stop the fluid is level again and resets. The level drops as your pads wear as the caliper pistons are out further. Don't fill it right up as when new pads fitted the tank will overflow.
Go to a empty parking lot and do a feel hard stops from 55mph. If it dosn't skid than the ABS is fine. Check the fluid level, then pop off the wheels to check the pads. If all checks out than its just a grimlin. Maybe a battery is going to be needed soon.
At the dealer now pickin up my new key and having it programmed, as well as having the Bluetooth system upgraded to allow for the phonebook download feature. Anyway, they state the pads are a bit on the low side and I have maybe another 5-6k miles before they need replacing.

So, the low fluid theory is probably correct since the pads are worn.

Thanks guys.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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