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1995-2002 Range Rover P38A
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B.O.A.T. = Break Out Another Thousand!

I am a Certified Merchant Mariner with Masters Boat Captain License and captained a salvage, towing, rescue & pilot launch vessel in Philly before moving to Atlanta to attend medical school right after getting married. My wife and i were planning on having kids so I started looking for a "family" vehicle and picked up my very first P38 at auction. It was BEAUTIFUL and I thought I had stolen it. It's Blue Book value when I purchased it two years ago was over 9,000 and I paid a fraction of that for it. I have since dumped another 8,000 into repairs... Hmm. Now it’s BB Value is only 3,000 and I’m over 10,000 into it... lol.

Anyway, I love driving the car and it turs head everywhere but just wish they were a bit (ok a lot) more reliable and reasonable to repair. I would love to plan a trip to England to twist the fingers of some of the engineers of these cars if anyone is interested... :) I will list all the repairs I have made and then start in hopefully to get some advice on a few repairs I still have to make that are being difficult to track.


• Recent Tune Up With New Plugs Wires and Belts
• New Computer Control Chips for Improved Performance and Fuel Mileage by Tornado
• New head Gasket
• New Catalytic Converter System
• New Heater Core
• New Flex Plate and Fly Wheel
• New rear Main Seal
• New Blend Door Motors
• New Heater Control Unit
• New Fuse Box
• New Battery
• New Fuel Pump
• New Bump Stops for the Air Suspension
• New Airbags and service For Air Suspension
• New Front Widow Regulators
• New Head Liner
• New Sunroof
• Completely rebuilt Stereo System Including Original Head Unit, 12 Speakers, 5 Amplifiers, Two Sub woofers, 6CD Changer, WX Station & New IPod Jack
• New Cowlings and interior Parts
• New Range Rover 50th Anniversary Fitted Floor mats.
• Rebuilt front Grill Guard and (Rear Light Guards not yet installed)
• Off Road Lights Installed on front Guard
• Upgraded DC power outlets.
• Range Rover OEM Roof Rack
• New Front Tie Rod
• Towing Package
• New Trailer Hitch
• New Upgraded Chrome Lettering on Vehicle
• New White Euro signal lights on front and side.
• New interior Trim
• Brake and ABS system Serviced
• New Tires,
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