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To begin with.
What is the problem in detail with the wiring between the battery and the starter motor?
I copy pasted the part number AMR2545 and did a quick google image search and the first hit I recognized.


But what we see here and as stated by that french webshop it is the positive battery terminal with wiring to the fusebox. It is in one piece so if your problem is related to the positive terminal itself this is indeed what you need.

On my vehicle the starter motor wire was fastened to the battery terminal via the M8 nut.
The wiring itself is 35mm² both to the starter motor and the fusebox and the ground wires. Lugs should have 8mm hole.

Without knowing more it's hard to tell, but if I were you I'd replace it all. Both on the positive and the negative side.
Which I did on my diesel:
First one is the old ground wire from the battery.
This one is the new ground wires:
As you can see I have other battery terminals with lots of places to fasten wiring with screws instead.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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