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My 2 cents on paper gaskets. :geek:
I've replaced hundereds of gaskets, during my seagoing career, and found that a thin coating of Never-Seize (get messy and paint it on with your fingers) completely covering the gasket works wonders. The most important thing is the condition of the metal surfaces. If there's any damage, or left over old gasket, then you're in for a challenge. We tend to save the RTV for these cases when the mating surfaces aren't real healthy. The reason I avoid using RTV is the "sqeeze out" will make beads on the inside of the pump casing that can come loose and end up in places in your cooling system that they're not wanted (radiator passages). First rule of gasket fitting is start with clean, undamaged, surfaces when at all possible.

For the aluminum block Rangie I use chemical gasket remover, copper tubing hammered into a scraper, lots of patience and a final clean up with a Scotch Brite pad. The water pump is a bitch of a spot to work in...

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