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Alternator R & R Info needed

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Yes I did a search.

Yea I have a RAV, but it's a PC base code, and will not work on my Mac...(I use to have an old PC laptop just for it, but for some reason it will not read the Mk3 files.)

So what I need is the Remove/Replace pages posted up.

Yep today just when it was needed and only 100 miles from home the alternator pack it in, zip, nada, little red battery light on (and you would think that you would also get a "Dig hey dummy, you alternator is Kaput!" across the DIC. But NOooooooo.) With the bright sun, ect, me not noticing, my first warning was when all the dead battery warning lights, and warning across the DIC start up. By then your stuck.

Any way I could really use the pages sent to me viva email or PM so that I could print them up.

[email protected]


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A big thanks to Phil for sending me the PDF file.

Big Kudos to my tech at Scott Motors in Reno.... For lending me the tools today to get the fan removed, and some info on the rest of the job...

Thanks Mike

Ok if your going to try this fix your self first things first.

Get the right tools to remove the Fan. It can be shocked off but you may damage the water pump in doing so. Also not that the nut holding the fan to the pump is a Left hand thread...So removing it looking from the front will mean that the direction of the wrench (32mm thin) will pull toward the vehicles left (drivers side USA), passanger side UK.

Other need little tools need: some kind of hook on a T-Handle is handy for pulling the spring clips on the hoses.

A good light

50 torks socket (six pointed allen) You will need this to remove the belt tensioner (located behind a plastic cover
that pops off with a small screw driver, on the upper wheel.

Something to act as a catch basin for the coolent that you thought you drained. (I took a construction garbage bag
and placed it on to a two by four frame that cover under the hole eng area.) worked like a champ.

Take your time, it's not as bad of a job as it looks.

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