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Alpine radio but no changer

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I have a 4.0 county which has an alpine radio cassette fitted. It has a CD button but no changer in the boot. If I buy a changer, is the wiring likely to be there somewhere or is it time for a new head unit?
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A County, in the UK? I thought the only UK car badged as a County was the Defender. There was a County in the US but that was a base spec car. All cars from 99 onwards had the Alpine unit but only the high line and Premium systems had the CD changer. From 2000 these also got the dreaded DSP system. It might be worth pulling it out and checking the part number, that will tell you what system you have but if there was a County in the UK, then being base spec would explain why it doesn't have a changer.
Mine says county on the paperwork. It is the base model with no heated screen or seats and no CD changer but it looks like the same head unit. I will pull it out and check the numbers
If it helps it's a 2001 model.
CD changer wiring should be there as its bottom of the range Trim Level 1 car. What trim panels do you have in the load space. UK cars of that era with CD as standard had the CD changer mounted horizontally on the passenger side with the interior trim panel suitably bulged into the loadspace to accommodate it. I suspect your car has the same concave loadspace trim panel on both sides as my year 2000 HSE. If so the changer needs to be fitted standing vertically on the drivers side in the open loadspace with no protecting interior boot panels. If so you will need the proper right angle brackets. Not sure how the wiring gets to mine on the right given that the usual position is on the left. It may be just re-routed or there may be a cross cable running left to right. If its a cross cable you may be in trouble.

Mine will be getting an Android screen head unit some time soon. When that happens my head unit, CD player and any removable ancillaries will be surplus so if you've not found anything by then ..... If its just the vertical brackets I can easily measure mine./


Looks like County was one of the limited edition versions.

Quoting James Taylor from page 84 of his book Range Rover, The Second Generation :-

"The County name was later used again on Range Rovers between July 2000 and July 2001, when it denoted a regular production model that superseded the entry level 4.0 and 2.5 DT"

The County name was first used on UK market cars in 1998 - 1999 :-

"Costing £41,995 on the road it was carefully priced to encourage buyers of entry level Range Rovers to trade up and was in fact based on the Trim Level 1 (entry-level) 4.0 litre V8 model with automatic transmission."

240 were made. Basically extra bling on the base model.

County SE was a similar limited edition in 1999 basically a County with even more bling and the option of either diesel or 4.0 petrol. 250 in total, 125 petrol and 125 diesel.

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That's another model we didn't have ever here. The idea of a base model Range Rover would never have sold in the NAS market. Just as LR felt there was no Diesel market after GM botched Diesels.
Thanks guys.
Clive, I have the old style concave panels both sides so will have to mount it vertically as you suggest. I will take the panels out and see if the wiring is there.
The plusses with a base model are less electrical things to go wrong but my other dse has more of the basic needs like screen and seats though it has an aftermarket stereo fitted.
Richard I like the idea of it being a limited edition. Might be worth more if I ever sell it.
Richard I like the idea of it being a limited edition. Might be worth more if I ever sell it.
If they only made 240 of them and they were the base model, I suspect there aren't that many left. They will have been the first to have been scrapped when expensive problems reared their head. Looking at https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk/?utf8=✓&q=Range+Rover+County&commit=Search it seems that a lot of the County SE models were registered as County as it shows more being registered than actually made.
2001 County is bog standard, minimum trim level 1, bottom of the range base model. Its the 1998-1999 versions and County SE that were actual limited edition ones.

Cynical Clive reckons this lower end limited edition lark was mostly about component buyers and production planners committing to too many of some colours or parts versions. So the sales folk had to figure out ways of getting rid of the surplus.

Though she doesn't have all the toys, she has electric leather seats. Must have them in stock then Clive.
I wonder if someone has fitted them from another car? Although mine has manual seats the plug is there for electric ones. If they aren't the original seats you may find two small 2 way dangling plugs underneath for the seat heaters. My cloth seats are heated.
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