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Has anyone ever found any internal details (e.g. a circuit diagram) of the Premium Alpine Units? I was playing around with an old Alpine CD Changer from a BMW the other day and I managed to find a service manual for it with circuit diagrams, alignment information test voltages and so on, but I've had no luck at all with the Land Rover units. Here if anyone is interested


The BMW units have part numbers like CHM S620 (my CD changer) CDE xxxx, CDA xxxx, whereas the Rover /Land Rover units have numbers like XQD101550LNF. I'm beginning to think that the Rover / Land Rover units are customer specific and hence info on them isn't going to be available. If we knew what units they were based on then maybe we cold find information on those (which would help me at least). I've heard the Head Unit referred to as a 'Symphony' but again I think this is a Rover 'marketing' name, not an Alpine one.

Some support for my theory comes from the fact that I can't make the Alpine Premium Head Unit recognise the BMW CD Changer (see note below) and that the Connects2 CD emulator (CTVLRX002) doesn't work on this head unit. It suggests to me that there is something strange about the I-Bus protocol or message set that the Premium system uses or maybe the I-Bus interface on my head unit could be dead (is that why my DSP amp stopped working?)

If you want to know why I'm after the information then read on, if not......

Having replaced my DSP amp with a BMW one (See http://www.rangerovers.net/forum/7-...-replacing-hk-dsp-amp-e46-disco-2-hk-amp.html), I now need a new solution to the Aux Input problem. Previously i just had a 4 pole switch between the head and the amp, as the DSP only uses 2 channels. As I'm now using all 5 head outputs I need another solution for my tablet audio output.

I know the subject of Aux Inputs has been done to death (believe me I've searched for several days) but I still haven't found a cheap(ish) (i.e. not a Grom) solution that works with the Premium Alpine Head Unit. I've tried a Connects2 CTVLRX002 and it doesn't work despite it being advertised with pictures of the Alpine head unit and some companies claiming it does. I don't want a radio based thingy or one of those cassettes with a wire hanging out. So using the CD changer port is my favoured solution. If you hunt around on electronics / mp3 forums you can find information about building your own CD emulator. Whilst such a thing might just be within my compass, it's doomed to failure unless I know what protocol / message set I need to emulate.

The other alternative is to wire direct into the head unit (instructions on how to do this for the Clarion unit can be found on the net). Obviously a circuit diagram would make this a lot simpler e.g. being able to enable the CD input without a CD changer or perhaps overriding the tape present and spooling interlocks and using the tape input.

Note: The CHM S620 actually uses M-Bus not I-Bus but my unit has a small additional box (containing a PIC micro-controller) which converts M-Bus to I-Bus. If the CD changer worked with the Alpine head unit and I disassembled the PIC code...... It was a good idea.
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