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Alarm won't stop going off -06 HSE

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About 2 weeks ago I had the steering wheel controls (stereo and cruise) replaced under warranty because they would randomly stop working and then start working again. They replaced them with brand new '07 controls and it's actually doing the same thing as before.

I'm not sure if this is related to to having the controls swapped but... now every time I lock my car, my alarm goes off about 5 minutes after. The siren sounds and the hazard lights flash. It's literally happening EVERY time. Called the LR Dealership and I'm going to bring it in a week from now, but I wanted to know if you guys had any ideas on what was wrong. I'm fresh out of the factory warranty so would like to avoid having things done that aren't necessary.

Also, my key is not set to where pressing and holding the trunk button will activate the alarm. I also have the ceiling mounted DVD player from the LR Accessories catalog.

Thanks for the help, and if I don't hear back from anyone I'll post what I find out from the dealer.
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I have never heard of this happening randomly, But I have heard about the motion sensor on the inside of the car getting set off by anything moving in the car. I know I have had a suction cup fall from the window triggering an alarm. This sound like a different issue but I thought I would mention the motion detector possibility.
On the 06-09 RRS (which only has a perimetric alarm however, no motion detectors inside the cabin), similar repeated and random false alarms are almost always caused by a defective latch sensor (on doors, rear tailgate, hood), and 99% of the time it is the one of the hood / bonnet that acts up and triggers the alarm.
i had problem with alarm going off allthetime
it has to do with wiring at hood that gets compressed and needs to be rerouted
I had this problem too i think your sensativity needs to be adjusted a lil fixed my problem on my 03
I had this problem repeatedly with my 03 and they read the codes at the dealership and identified that it was coming from the hood ( bonnet) latch sensor. They fixed it but the same problem happened again and this time they adjusted the location of the sensor a little and I haven't had the problem since. (touch wood)

Actually at first I put off for a long time going to the dealers as I had been told it might be difficult and expensive to track it down, but all they had to do was read the codes and it told them why the alarm was sounding.
Well, so here's the follow up.

I parked the range out in front of my house and the next morning I tried to start the car and the key just turned and all the lights and sounds came on but it never made any sort of engine noise. I turned the key off and then tried to pull it out and it was stuck in the ignition. I then called LR Roadside Assistance and a tow truck came and put the car into neutral and then pulled it onto the truck. When he put it back in Park, the key came right out and then it also cranked with no problem. I had him tow it to the dealership anyway.

They said they couldn't find any problems with the ignition story, but perhaps it just wasn't fully engaged in park. They did read the codes from the alarm fault and it WAS coming from the hood sensor. So they are replacing that as well as my battery. I'm a little curious how my battery has needed to be replaced 3 times in one year. Any ideas on that? I've taken it in twice because the instrument panel has displayed "TRANSMISSION RANGE CHANGE NOT AVAILABLE" and they have replaced the battery twice, saying that the battery needs to have a good charge to power up and effectively use all of its systems. I've never heard of a battery needing to be replaced 3 times in one year.

I will be picking it up later today, hope everything is back to normal.
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Mine used to do it all the time, turned out my hood wasn't seating properly on the hood sensor... Quick adjustment and it hasn't been a problem since.
I am having the exact same problem with my 06 HSE, both the alarm going off a few minutes after arming it with the remote and my "transmission range change not available" signal has also come up a few times. Could I ask how much the charge was for replacing the hood sensor? Did this resolve the problem? Thanks!
1 Charge? I don't know, covered by extended warranty
2. Fixed it for me...
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