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Had the alarm problem two years ago and had the passenger side hood latch and rear passenger side latch replaced under warranty.

About 6 months ago the alarm kept going off so I bought another hood switch but the alarm stopped going off so I got lazy and never put it in, but recently it's been going off every morning. Surprised someone hasn't thrown a brick at it :eek:.
I replaced the passenger side hood latch with the new one this week but it didn't fix the issue. I've never been inside the car to see if any errors show up when the alarm goes off (mostly concerned about turning the alarm off as soon as possible). But some times when I get in the car it does say tailgate open. I'm about 2 hours from nearest dealership and can't go till October because of my school schedule. Also I'm afraid they may not have the part and would require a second trip.

(1) is there a diagnostic tool that will tell me what's setting off the alarm? I'm sure the IID tool might tell me, but I see it's shipped from the UK and I plan on trading up in 6 months/1 year, so a $400 tool might be a waste. Will some of the cheaper tools, icarsoft or any other tell me what's setting off the alarm? Or am I just better off trying to replace the tailgate part (not sure if it's the tailgate release switch or actual tailgate latch) and seeing if that resolves the issue or not?

(2) is there any way to disable the alarm? I've looked online but wasn't able to find much

(3) car was slow to start a few times, one time even read low battery and advised me to keep the car on. got the battery tested and it was around 40% charge, no other issue with the battery or alternator. Drove around last week and got it close to a 90% charge, but it didn't start yesterday so I had to get a jump start. I did add daytime running lights to the car, which act like strobe lights when the alarm goes off:shock:. Is it possible for the lights to drain the battery that much?
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