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Alarm Fault message?

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I have noticed recently my Alarm Fault message is coming on when I put the key in the ignition (couple of times in the last 3 months). I have read most of the posts that suggest that this may be due to the Ultrasonic Sensor going bad.
To get rid of the message, I simply insert the key in the driver's side door lock and turn it from lock to unlock position few times pressing the lock and unlock buttons on the remote. I know the NA P38s don't have an EKA code.
Is this a start of a different problem? or am I simply resetting the alarm system only to be told that I have an intermittent problem with the alarm system later?
Sorry if this subject was covered in an earlier post. I tried the search function to uncover the mysteries of our Rover's Alarm unit without success. Or at least this particular incarnation of an Alarm related problem.
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Is it possible that your ignition-lock doesn't 'click' as it should be? Some wd40 in the ignition lock could perhaps do the trick.

The message comes on when I first insert the ignition key without turning the key and every time after till I do the front door trick. I'm assuming the ignition lock detects the key is in and then display the message according to the state the alarm system is in at the time.
When I turn the key, the message clears and never reappears till I go through the same cycle of events.
The car has done 140k Miles.
Goswin said:
? Some wd40 in the ignition lock could perhaps do the trick
Not recommeded if I remember correctly, you need to use something like Graphite Powder/Dust I think?

If I needed to, I was going to use a Graphite based lock lubricator I have in the garage. However, before attempting this, I'm still not clear about the problem with the lock that leads to the message.
it should still start with an alarm fault.... mine does.
Like I said, the Alarm Fault message is gone for the time and didn't see any abnormal issues even when the message was there. The Car Dead-bolted and alarm worked as expected.
This morning when I took the ignition key out and opened the driver's door, a message flashed saying the "Ignition key still in lock" or something similar. Looks like it may be the Micro switch inside the Ignition lock after all. I sprayed some Graphite lock lubricant and the message went away. Hopefully, this will take care of the Alarm Fault Message.
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