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Alarm Disable?

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Hey guys Im tired of getting lock out of my 99 hse. How can I disable the system? When doing so would Iooses the abilty to power lock the other doors? I only have the key and not the pad. I even got lock in the truck once. Message center said use key pad. Guess it went into super lock mode. Or any other tips on finding the problem would be nice. Thanks
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The immobiliser can be disabled, I can set the options with my Faultmate.

My alarm is enabled and the immobiliser is disabled, I can unlock and drive away with my spare keys without a wireless transmitter.

Although this is VE in demo mode (too lazy to drag the laptop out into the cold), this should be enough to see where you can/should find the immobiliser function.



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But along with disabling the EKA either the immobiliser is somehow disabled or is automatically disarmed when unlocking (as far as I know the procedure of putting in zeroes as immobiliser code was carried out on mine, too).

I never had a problem after that, and as said before the mechanical keys work, too :).

So even if the immobiliser isn't completely disabled, this procedure (EKA and immobiliser disabled, zeroes for the immobiliser code) should prevent many problems :D

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