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Alarm armed, no way it will be disarmed.

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I also posted this question under "Diagnostic Equipment'.

'96 4.6 HSE (German) BeCM = PAM V31p.

While in storage, the battery drained completely while locked and alarm armed. When I changed the battery the BeCM just cannot be persuaded to disarm the alarm.
As long as the battery is connected, the display on the dashboard will show the odometer reading and the message (translated from dutch) : "Keycode wrong" or "Keycode fault".
I followed all instructions mentioned elsewhere on this site and had contact with the very helpfull people from BBS in order to get the alarm disarmed and start the car.
The Rovacomlite is not getting access to the BeCM, other ECU's can be contacted just fine. Last word from BBS is that BeCM's with a PAM nr below 36 (mine is 31) cannot be contacted by SM22 but will need SM35, which is €800/$1100. Furthermore they state that Testbook will be of no help.

I have difficulty in believing that a drained battery will cause all this nuisance and that it will set me back €800 for SM35 or €1200 for a new BeCM.

I would appreciate more feedback from you out there to make sure there is no need to go to a T4 guy (Landrover-specialist) and that there is no other option than to either buy the SM35 or a complete new BeCM.

Kind regards, Olav
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I presume using the EKA code does not solve the issue.
If you have tried this unsuccessfully,then I think your BECM has gone into "alarm lockout".
The bECM will have to be unlocked(electronically ,after being removed from the vehicle) and then reprogrammed.
BBS does have a specific module to do this and ,I think that is what you are refering to in your post
My BECM went into this condition after it had been off the road for a time ,when I had it shipped from South Africa to the UK.Strangely it started and ran initially for two days and then went into the locked out state.
A local independant tried to access the BECM with a Autologic but could not do so,although he could talk to other ECM,s.
I removed mine and sent it to Rick the Pick who unlocked it and reprogrammed.
Good Luck
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