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Hello Folks! I am brand new to this board, although I have been doing a lot of trolling over it the last couple of weeks. Lots of good info.

I have also posted this same question on a jaguar forum, so I apologize if maybe you see this on a different board.

I have a 2012 RR 5.0 with an AJ 133 engine that overheated so badly that the motor needed replacement. I replaced the motor with a Jaguar AJ133, which was the same motor that was in the Rover . I swapped over the oil pan, pickup and exhaust manifolds. I used the original wiring harness from the range rover and am using the original range rover ECU and key.

I do not know why this is happening, but it will intermittently crank over and has a "cannot communicate with ecu" code.

I have tried using the other ECU from the Jaguar motor and that comes up with an "incorrect vin" code.

Do you think flashing the ECU would fix this?

Thank you in advance to anyone and everyone - suggestions or help greatly appreciated
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