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aircon shows ext temp -40 degrees, blower only

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97 4.6hse. I recently restarted vehicle after a long period, aircon worked previous to restart. When I turned it on aircon will not cool - compressor does not engage and LCD display shows snowflake symbol and external temp at -40 degrees C. I live in a tropical country so there is a definite problem here! any suggestions on what is causing this and how to fix? Is it just a case of bad external sensor? compressor is full of freon when checked. Thanks
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If the outside temperature sensor is open circuit it will show -40 deg C.
I would check the sensor connection first.
If it has been disconnected then re connected It seems to take an average reading over a period of time so takes a few minutes to stabilize at the correct outside temperature.
It sounds as though the compressor is not being called to switch in because of the falsely low outside temperature.

Almost certainly the ambient temperature sensor, on your MY it could be mounted in LH pollen filter space (remove to see) or in front of radiator, behind front bumper, it may just be a bad connection between plug and socket, once rectified or replaced, the temperature won't change until driven for a short time over a certain speed, can't remember exactly, but quite low for both.
cheers, hope it helps.
Thanks for response, mechanic did find line to ext temp sensor was cut, was reconnected and hopefully will send correct reading. Will post results soon.
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