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Hi guys,

I have a 2012 Range Rover Sport S/C (L320)

I've recently learned my battery is fairly weak. If i leave my lights on for 3-4 minutes, the battery runs flat and it won't even have enough juice to crank anymore. From time to time now, after I boost my Rover with either a booster, battery charger, or by jumping from another vehicle, I tend to get a specific set of fault codes about 2 days later.

I never get dash lights once I've boosted the car, not even the next day, but usually 2-3 days afterwards I start getting lights. Some days my battery starts to die, and I start the vehicle and it just barely has enough juice to get started, but the car still manages to reset it's date/time in the system, and even after I start the vehicle after it's nearly dead, I see the tachometer needle kick up about 2-3 seconds after it's started versus right away like it normally does.

I took a quick voltmeter and put it to the battery, its running 12 volts when it's off, and 14 volts when it's idling so I'm assuming the alternator is fine. I guessing the battery just has a weak state of health and can no longer hold charge as long as it used to be able to. I've owned the vehicle since July 2016, and have not replaced the battery in the time that I've owned it, and am not sure if the last owner had replaced it either.

What I find odd is that, if my lights stay off and there's nothing else is dragging power out of the car, I can come back to the car even 4-5 days later and it starts up with no problems. I live in a Canadian city with freezing temperatures some days and it still starts right up as long as I don't accidentally leave any lights on.

Now for the actual dash lights.

I always get the same kind of dash lights every time, in the same order/sequence, and the time interval between the two lights is always the exact same (I've quite literally timed it).

The first light to show up is a yellow airbag light. Yellow, not red. Now sometimes this light shows up within 3-5 seconds of starting the Rover, sometimes about a minute after starting the car, and some days even 3-10 minutes after starting the car.

Now the second that yellow airbag light comes on, exactly about a minute later, a parking brake fault will pop up. Every time. It never shows up before the airbag light, it's always a minute after. The parking brake works fine, and is completely functional even while the dash light is on.

I can't seem to figure out how to make the lights go away, or how to fix it. The vehicle has never been in an accident before (at least to my knowledge, and insurance, car fax, and car proofs show there have been no claims or collisions on the vehicle) and it holds a clean title. There are no recalls either to my knowledge that are airbag related.

Now I'm hoping these dash lights are related to my weak battery but I just can't wrap my head around why they would show up 2-3 days after my battery dies, how they would be related, why those two particular dash lights come on, and why they always show up in the exact same order with the same timing.

Also on some days, once these lights show up, I can simply turn off the car, and back on again, and they usually just don't come back for like a week or two, or a few days at the very least. Other days, they won't go away for 2-3 days and then by like the 3rd or 4th day, when you start the car, they just don't show up anymore.

If anyone can provide any insight on what might be causing it, or other things I should be looking into, like a bad sensor, or any suggestions on how to fix this, I would greatly appreciate it!

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Replace your dying battery with a proper load rated one for the RRS.

Buy a GAP tool so you can reset lights if they don't go away automatically.
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