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Hi, I have changed all four air bags on my L322 2004 4.4.
The reason was that the front right exploded.

I let the air out of the other springs and then tightened the pipes again (the unit under the car),
replaced all springs,
lowered the veichle with two jacks almost down to bumpstomps,
started the car with one door open to let the air tank fill up in about 15min,
closed the doors and waited for the air springs to rise up,
engine have been running for 20min and no air seems to come,
there are no "EAS inactive" or any warnings in the dash,
I´ve checked all fuses and they are OK,
I´ve tried to read out fault with All Comms but no faults came up,
it is air pressure in the air tank but I don´t know how much apparently.....


Any help would be great!

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