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2002-2005 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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Hi guys

So I "took on" a L322 52 plate, V8 4.4 Petrol (LPG Convert) recently and despite the odd weird noise I am hooked. Every day is Grin Factor 10 Mr Sulu.

However.... I'm now hit with air suspension problems which I *think* are sensor related but just need calibrating.
Can I please check the numbers? I've read them with the iCarSoft LR2 which allows me to reset the dreaded "AIR SUSPENSION INACTIVE" message. Running a live trace whilst raising and lowering Vinnie shows the sensors are all communicating but the offsets seem out of whack and corroborate why it is listing to the left / nearside.

Offsets: FL 703mm, FR 614mm, RL 451mm, RR 527mm
At low: FL -80mm, FR -90mm, RL 40mm, RR 17mm
Adjust: FL 624mm, FR 524mm, RL 491mm, RR 544mm

If i get the garage to do a re-calibration before replacing the sensors would that be sensible or pointless?
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