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2002-2005 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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Hi there, I am a new owner and new member. I have been trying to find related issues and have watched a whole host of YouTube videos to see if there are any easy fixes but I am struggling. I recently purchased an unloved, in-looked after RR L322 Vogue and have been working to sort out it's host of issues, some of which may come down to one faulty component I am guessing? But hopefully someone here will be able to offer some advice.

When I bought the car, the dash displayed Air Suspension inactive and the button/knob to raise or lower was lit (the center button to stop movement) and the car was stuck on road ride height. I checked the fuses and re-seated the relay but no change. I then decided to replace the compressor piston ring and seal, at which point I would check the internals and make sure there was nothing obviously wrong. All looked ok and ring replacement went well.

I put the compressor back and connected it all up but have now found that there are NO lights on the button/knob although the air suspension inactive fault remains on the dash.

I tried re-setting the steering sensors (full lock in both directions) but no change.

I also checked the computer for errors using an OBD reader but have no faults.

Now the other thing I should mention is that the rear doors have stopped in-locking with the rest of the car. They Lock with the rest via the key fob, internal button and anti car jacking feature but will not unlock. If it was a single door I would consider a fault with the locking components, but as it is both, I was thinking maybe BCM? And then wondered if that would also effect the Air suspension? Are the air suspension sensors connected via the BCM?

If anyone has any advice or anything I could try, please help.


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It has a hard fault. Clear it with a proper code reader, standard OBD readers will not suffice.

Cheapest way to clear it is find an Indy Land Rover shop, or buy a BMW PA Soft 1.4 scanner which can clear the EAS code.

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