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I have a 2003 Range Rover 2003 L322, there is something strange with the airsuspension.
It wont lift or lower the suspension. There is no error message in the dash.
I have some values from obd.

This shows voltage from each height sensor, it seems like the left front is wrong
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This is max pressure et seem like
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Som more data

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Text Font Technology Electronic device Screen
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What do i need to do?

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On the dash or on your scanner? I've never heard of an error phrased that way.
I have that same scanner china made which often has bad translations/descriptions of the codes. On another scanner I had that error corresponded to "pressure static while filling." compressor was toasted on an 04 I had. Tho that put the car in hard fault since the compressor overheated.

OP are the controls on the suspension buttons illuminated? Or is the LED off?
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