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Air suspension needs to be reset after cold temps 04 RR

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Is there a reasonably priced scanner that can be used to reset the air suspension after it shows an inactive message after very low temps? Any suggestions except going to the "stealers" will be appreciated.
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I had to reset mine after a particularly cold stretch in FL - I purchased an iCarSoft LR V2.0 i930 (available on Amazon, British Atlantic, etc.) for under $150, and it worked fine and I haven't had a problem since. It also scans other things/clears other faults in the vehicle so it may be useful for you
resetting the EAS is not going to solve the issue. it is going to hide it. read and write the code or codes down. If your compressor dryer failed you could be getting moisture in your system and it is freezing in valves. Remember that in sub freezing temps all the Orings shrink, get hard and leak. This over works the compressor. Perhaps your compressor is just over heating.
RSW ALLCOMS is what I purchased for this exact issue. Works great and useful for a bunch of other stuff as well.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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